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Base Conversion Calculator
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What is the base of numbers?

It determines which numbers a number will consist of and the counting system used when writing the number. In addition, the decimal counting system is always used unless specified. Therefore, the numbers used in daily arithmetic operations are in the system of 10.

How is base conversion calculated?

In the written notation technique of the numbers generated using the step system, the value of each step is the value of which the right digit of the step is used as the exponent of the base. For example, the number 42 written in the 8-system is 4 x 8 1 + 2 x 8 0 = 32 + 2 = 34.

To convert from decimal to another, the number is divided by that base. This process is repeated until the section is smaller than the base. Then, the last digits from the last section to the end are written side by side.

How are odd and even numbers determined on different bases?

If the base is even, the digits of the number are checked. If the digit is odd, the number is odd and even if it is even. In the case of a single base, the sum of the numbers is counted. If the total is odd, the number is odd and if the total is even, the number is even.